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Pharam D (Doctor Of Pharmacy) Admissions 2015

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) is a professional doctor degree in pharmacy. In some countries, it is a first professional degree, and a prerequisite for licensing to exercise the profession of Pharmacist. The Pharm.D. curriculum is designed to produce a scientifically and technically competent pharmacist.Students are provided with the opportunity to gain greater experience in patient close cooperativerelationships with health practitioners.You will find that certain colleges emphasize certainsubjects, and thus place less emphasis on others.
Why Pharmacy?
1.Help patients
2.Diverse career opportunities
3.Excellent salary
4.High rates of success
5.Job security
6.Respected profession
Scope of Pharmacy Careers:
There is great demand for pharmacists; there is growth in the number of community pharmacies, as well as an increase in elderly pop and the number who need medications.
Eligibility for pharma D:
Students who have passed Intermediate with Bipc/MPC or D. Pharma are eligible for admission to the new course.
Career Options are avilable for pharma D:
1.clinical specialties like cardiology, critical care, oncology, pediatrics    2.community practice
3.drug information specialist    4.hospital practice    5.informatics     6.long-term care
7.managed care   8.pharmaceutical industry    9.professor     8.public health service
9.regulatory agencies  10.research  11.toxicology  12.veterinary 
Length of Study for Pharma D:
Year / Semester               Subjects
First Year             Human Anatomy and Physiology
Medicinal Biochemistry
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
Remedial Mathematics / Biology
Second Year       Pathophysiology
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Pharmacognosy & Phytopharmaceutical
Pharmacology - I
Community Pharmacy
Third Year           Pharmacology - II
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmacotherapeutics - II
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
Medicinal Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Fourth Year        Pharmacotherapeutics - III
Hospital Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy
Biostatics & Research methodology
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
Clinical Toxicology
Fifth Year            Clinical Research
Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacogenomics
Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacotherapeutics Drug monitoring
Project work
Sixth Year           Pharmacotherapeutics - III
Hospital Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy
Biostatics & Research methodology
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
Clinical Toxicology
Goals of Degree Program:
The professional pharmacy curriculum is designed to produce pharmacists who have the abilities and
skills that are necessary to achieve outcomes related to:
1 Providing pharmaceutical care to patients
2 Developing and managing medication distribution and control systems
3 Managing the pharmacy
4 Promoting public health
5 Providing drug information and education
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