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Aeronautical Engineering Admissions

 What it means to be an Aeronautical Engineer !

Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering is one of the most challenging fields of engineering with a wide scope of growth. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defense systems. It specializes in designing, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of both commercial and military aircraft, spacecrafts and their components as well as satellites and missiles. As Aerospace engineering involves design and manufacture of very high technology systems, the job requires manual, technical as well as mechanical aptitude. Aeronautical engineers usually work in teams under the supervision of senior engineers, bringing together their skills and technical expertise. Though highly paid, the work is very demanding. An aeronautical engineer needs to be physically fit and fully dedicated to his work. One needs to be alert, have an eye for detail and a high level of mathematical precision to be successful. The specializations include areas such as structural design, navigational guidance and control systems,instrumentation  and communication, production methods or it can be in a particular product such as military aircrafts, passenger planes, helicopters, satellites, rockets etc. Engineers may work in areas such as design, development, and maintenance as well as in managerial and teaching posts in institutes. They find great demand in airlines, aircraft manufacturing units, air turbine production plants or design development programmes for the aviation industry. Aerospace environment is sophisticated with rewarding career opportunities involving leading-edge technology. 

What You Learn in Aeronautical Engineering? 

Aeronautical engineering curriculum covers the foll
owing major topics:


     Fluids and solids




     Control  Systems 

     Fundamentals of Propulsion


     Automatic Control Guidance

     Theory Of Aerodynamics

     Structural Analysis

     Materials Science

     Fluid Dynamics

Opportunities  :

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most technologically advanced branches of engineering.
The main thrust of this branch is on design and development of aircrafts, space and satellite
research. Jobs are available with national, international, public and private Airline Services as
well as aircraft-manufacturing units. Initially, candidates work as graduate engineer trainees or junior Engineers. Keeping in view their performance, academic background and aptitude, they are placed for training in the aircraft maintenance/overhaul or support section. On completion  of training they are placed as assistant aircraft engineers or assistant technical officers. They have to clear departmental examinations for further promotions.  They may advance to administrative or executive positions or become consultants.Aeronautical engineers are assisted by aircraft mechanics in maintenance of aircraft frame, engine, Aeronautical system and other ancillary fittings.Scope in India - In India aeronautical engineers are mostly employed by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and the Ministry of Defense (MoD).One can also look for jobs available with the Civil Aviation Department, National Aeronautical Laboratory (NAL), Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) besides commercial airlines. Scope Abroad - A lot of job opportunities for aeronautical engineers are also available in countries like United States of America, France, UK and Germany. Therefore, aeronautical engineers from India as well as from all other parts of the world flock to these countries. A good percentage of Indians constitute the work force of engineers and technical professionals in NASA.

More career opportunities can be found with:

Many leading aerospace employers

The Armed Forces 

Government departments such as the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI),and the Department for Environment, Transport and Regions (DETR).

Agencies like the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) and Defence Procurement Agency (DPA)

Regulatory authorities like the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Small and medium employers (SMEs) who provide technical services or manufacture specialist products to supply to the aerospace industry  

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B.Arch(Bachelor of Architecture) Admissions 2015

B.Arch(Bachelor Of Architecture) is a particular branch of study that deals with the planning and designing of various types of buildings and their structures. The career opportunities for these architects are very high due to the boom in the infrastructure sector. It is a competitive field that includes various types of work. The career opportunities for these graduates are high at present.These graduates can work as independent professionals or can take up jobs in Government or private sectors.

Minimum Qualification To Join in B.Arch

Candidates should have passed 12th standard or equivalent examination with a minimum aggregate of 60% marks with Mathematics and English as subjects of study.

     50% marks with M.P.C can try n close.

     Candidates should have passed National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA).

     Students appeared for 10+2 examination in March /April 2015 are eligible to apply.

     Candidates who have studied in Regular, Full Time and Formal Education are alone eligible to apply

For Admissions Contact : 949206112

F.No.402, Prashanti Ram Towers
Saradhi Studio Road, Ameerpet,
Hyderabad- 500038 TELANGANA , India

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Pharam D (Doctor Of Pharmacy) Admissions 2015

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) is a professional doctor degree in pharmacy. In some countries, it is a first professional degree, and a prerequisite for licensing to exercise the profession of Pharmacist. The Pharm.D. curriculum is designed to produce a scientifically and technically competent pharmacist.Students are provided with the opportunity to gain greater experience in patient close cooperativerelationships with health practitioners.You will find that certain colleges emphasize certainsubjects, and thus place less emphasis on others.
Why Pharmacy?
1.Help patients
2.Diverse career opportunities
3.Excellent salary
4.High rates of success
5.Job security
6.Respected profession
Scope of Pharmacy Careers:
There is great demand for pharmacists; there is growth in the number of community pharmacies, as well as an increase in elderly pop and the number who need medications.
Eligibility for pharma D:
Students who have passed Intermediate with Bipc/MPC or D. Pharma are eligible for admission to the new course.
Career Options are avilable for pharma D:
1.clinical specialties like cardiology, critical care, oncology, pediatrics practice
3.drug information specialist practice    5.informatics     6.long-term care
7.managed care   8.pharmaceutical industry    9.professor     8.public health service
9.regulatory agencies  10.research  11.toxicology  12.veterinary 
Length of Study for Pharma D:
Year / Semester               Subjects
First Year             Human Anatomy and Physiology
Medicinal Biochemistry
Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
Remedial Mathematics / Biology
Second Year       Pathophysiology
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Pharmacognosy & Phytopharmaceutical
Pharmacology - I
Community Pharmacy
Third Year           Pharmacology - II
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmacotherapeutics - II
Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
Medicinal Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Fourth Year        Pharmacotherapeutics - III
Hospital Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy
Biostatics & Research methodology
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
Clinical Toxicology
Fifth Year            Clinical Research
Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacogenomics
Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacotherapeutics Drug monitoring
Project work
Sixth Year           Pharmacotherapeutics - III
Hospital Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy
Biostatics & Research methodology
Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
Clinical Toxicology
Goals of Degree Program:
The professional pharmacy curriculum is designed to produce pharmacists who have the abilities and
skills that are necessary to achieve outcomes related to:
1 Providing pharmaceutical care to patients
2 Developing and managing medication distribution and control systems
3 Managing the pharmacy
4 Promoting public health
5 Providing drug information and education
Get expert advice here :
We will begin accepting applications for Autumn Quarter 2016 in June 2015. We invite you to click on one of the links below to learn more about the PharmD program now

Venu Reddy -9492066112
F.No.103, Prashanti Ram TowersNear Saradhi Studio Road, 
Ameerpet, Hyderabad- 500016 Telangana, India.

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                                              MINING ENGINEERING

Mining engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment. Mining engineering also includes processing minerals for additional value.

Mineral extraction is essential to modern society. Mining activities by their nature cause a disturbance of the environment in and around which the minerals are located. Mining engineers must therefore be concerned not only with the production and processing of mineral commodities, but also with the mitigation of damage to
 the environment as a result of that production and processing.

Mining engineers have a number of careers to choose from. Based on the role they assume, these professionals are responsible for activities like planning, designing and construction of mines, managing and controlling mining operations, ensuring safety, ventilation and cooling in the mines, segregation and transportation of minerals, designing engineering structures and dealing with environmental aspects of mining.

Some of the roles mining engineers can assume are mine designer, mine planner, mine manager, health and safety manger, mine ventilation engineer, consulting engineers, sales engineers operations manager, mining investment analyst, production manager and petroleum engineer. Jobs are available in both government and private sector. Mining engineers usually work in
collaboration with geologists and civil, mechanical, metallurgical and industrial engineers. Apart from mining industry, they can work in fields like construction, waste management and environmental conservation.

For Admissions

Contact : 9492066112

F.No.103, Prashanti Ram Towers
Near Saradhi Studio Road, Ameerpet,
Hyderabad- 500016 Telangana, India.

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Agricultural Engineering Admissions

                                             Agricultural Engineering Career Guidance

What is Agricultural Engineering?

Agricultural engineering incorporates many science disciplines and technology practices to the efficient production and processing of food, feed, fiber and fuels. It involves disciplines like mechanical engineering (agricultural machinery and automated machine systems), soil science (crop nutrient and fertilization, etc.), environmental sciences (drainage and irrigation), plant biology (seeding and plant growth management), animal science (farm animals and housing) and much more.


Areas of interest to Agricultural Engineers 

    Design of ag. machinery, equipment, and structures
    Environmental control systems, cooling and ventilation
    Energy Conservation
    Crop production-seeding, tillage and irrigation practices
    Soil & water conservation
    Animal production and care
    Biofuel production and utilization on the farm
    Post harvest processing, handling and storage
    Precision farming technologies, machine vision, gps
    Farm operations and management
    Farm safety, security and ergonomics

Agricultural engineers must have a wealth of knowledge and skills to function effectively in the diverse agricultural and agribusiness industries. The agricultural engineer obtains training in design and engineering problem solving based on an understanding of engineering sciences including mathematics, physics and biology. They must also have skills in computers, communication, teamwork and instrumentation. The feature distinguishing agricultural engineers from other engineers is their interest and commitment to solving agricultural problems.

Careers :

Agricultural engineers are employed as:

    Extension Specialists
    Waste Specialists
    Land Development Engr.
    Structure Designers
    Machinery Designers
    Electrification and Power Systems Designer
    Precision Agriculture Applications Engr.
    Environmental Controls Engr.
Are you interested in becoming an agricultural engineer?

 Contact : 9492066112

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Near Saradhi Studio Road, Ameerpet,
Hyderabad- 500016 Telangana, India.

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Satyabama University Admissions 2015

Sathyabama University is a private university at Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India,founded in 1988
as Sathyabama Engineering College by Jeppiaar Educational Trust  (formed in 1987)  and inauguratedby then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Janaki Ramachandran. It was formerly known as Sathyabama Institute of Science and Technology (SIST). The university is headed by Jeppiaar, a former politician under the late M. G. Ramachandran.The university is a Christian minority institution.The Ministry of Human Resources Development declared the college a 'Deemed University' on 16 July 2001 and as a 'University' on 13 September 2006,under section3 of the UGC Act. According to the 2010 University Web Ranking website Sathyabama was ranked 5th among universitiesin Chennai.In arecent report by Outlook India, Sathyabama University has been ranked as the 86th best university in India.

SATHYABAMA University has excellent infrastructural facilities including modern laboratories, library with video,Internet and other general amenities.To its credit it has been awarded A grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and ISO 9001:2000 for professional quality management.The University has undertaken various sponsored and collaborative Research and Development projects funded by national organizations such as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), Ministry of  Environment and Forests (MoEF) etc,The University holds great promise to expand the applications of space technology,
benefiting the common man and enriching the quality of life in association with IndianSpace Research Organization (ISRO) the university is successfully conducting non formal education programmes through 18 Village Resource Centres (VRCs) all over the state.

SATHYABAMA UNIVERSITY has more than 120 buses which are made available to the students and the staff members for commuting from the city and suburbs. Buses are operated free of cost.Students are not permitted to use other modes of public or private transport.SATHYABAMA  university has men's and women's hostels which provide on-campus accommodation. SATHYABAMA university has a Central Mess which provides food to both day-scholars and hostellers and can accommodate up to 2000 people at the same time.Indian Bank has an extension branch of Sholinganallur and an ATM on campus. SATHYABAMA university has a reverse osmosis plant installed to cater to the drinking water needs of students, faculty and staff. SATHYABAMA University provides separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.The students are provided rooms with attached bath. Guest rooms are also made available in both the boys and girls hostels.Sports facilities include playcourts, playgroud for volleyball, basketball, kabadi, ball badminton, cricket and other indoor and outdoor games.

Undergraduate Courses

Engineering Courses   (B.E. / B.Tech / B.Arch)

S.No     Name of the Course
1       B.E - Computer Science and Engineering
2       B.E - Electrical and Electronics Engineering

3       B.E - Electronics and Communication Engineering

4       B.E - Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

5       B.E - Electronics and Control Engineering

6       B.E - Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

7       B.E - Mechanical Engineering

8       B.E - Automobile Engineering

9       B.E - Mechanical & Production Engineering

10     B.E - Aeronautical Engineering

11     B.E - Civil Engineering

12     B.Tech - Information Technology

13     B.Tech - Chemical Engineering

14     B.Tech - Biotechnology

15     B.Tech - Bioinformatics

16     B.Tech - Biomedical Engineering

17     B.Arch - Bachelor of Architecture    

Medical Course

S.No     Name of the Course    

1     B.D.S - Bachelor of Dental Surgery    

Arts & Science Courses

S.No     Name of the Course    

1     B.Ed - Bachelar of Education
2     B.Com.- Bachelor of Commerce
3     B.Sc.- Visual Communication

4     B.Sc.- Computer Science    

For admissions contact us,


F.No.103, Prashanti Ram Towers
Near Saradhi Studio Road, Ameerpet,
Hyderabad- 500016 Telangana, India.

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BDS(Bachelor Of Dental Surgeory) ADMISSIONS IN TOP UNIVERSITIES-2015

Dentistry involves the treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases of the mouth – from tooth decay to oral cancer.This degree is designed to develop the skills required to provide for the complete oral health of patients, and entitles graduates to practise.The programme of professional study covers human structure, function, behaviour, clinical dental studies and related sciences.

Eligibility Criteria For BDS Admission

He/She shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the BDS course.The candidate must have passed 10+2 and equivalent course in the science stream which includes biology, physics and chemistry. Candidate must have secured not less than 50% marks in the aggregate in the qualifying examinations. 


The duration of study for BDS(Bachelor of Dental Surgery) course is of 4 years of training and one year of compulsory rotatory internship.

Course Details:

Topics include: introduction to dentistry
2.molecules, cells and tissues
3.anatomy of the head and neck
4.cardiovascular and respiratory systems
5.oral environment tissues
7.nutrition and diet materials science
9.interpersonal skills

You concentrate on clinical dentistry.but also on topics such as:

1.oral medicine
2.oral pathology
3.oral and maxillofacial surgery
5.preventive dentistry

List of Colleges offering BDS:

Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Science   
Manipal College of Dental Science   
Bapuji Dental College & Hospital   
SDM College of Dental Science & Hospital   
Govt. Dental College & Hospital
Tamilnadu Govt. Dental College   
Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital   
SRM Dental College   
Dr. R. Ahmed Dental College and Hospital   
Saraswati Dental College

Contact : 9492066112, 040-66443636.

F.No.103, Prashanti Ram Towers
Near Saradhi Studio Road,

Ameerpet, Hyderabad- 500016